A Website Kelowna SEO Plan That Gets Results

The wonders of a great website seems to be a mystery to some but for others having a great web design is extremely important. When it comes to building out your business online, it’s imperative to execute your website development with the proper search engine optimization.

Your success depends on just how well your site ranks in the search engines. To avoid people not finding your website, you simply need to focus on the search engine optimization principles and develop a great strategy using website development and SEO planning.

Whether you’re a web designer, or want to hire someone who is, there is a lot of work that goes into correcting issues that come with owning a website. SEO can deliver amazing results, but if done incorrectly it can minimize the amount of success you experience.

Tying Website Kelowna SEO and Development Together

Don’t Confuse the Search with bad Navigation
Some people feel as if their navigation bar isn’t important, but that is the furthest from the truth. You never want to use flash navigation because most flash objects aren’t accessible or web-crawler friendly. Most search engines find it difficult to crawl websites that use flash. Avoid using obtrusive Javascript and CSS can do mostly the same thing that you are looking to do when it comes to the navigation menu.

Externalize Your Scripts
When you are having your website coded, you need to make sure that you are externalizing the CSS,as well as the Javascript.

When it comes to search engines, the way your site is viewed isn’t the same way your visitor would view it. Engines tend to view through whatever is contained in an HTML document. If you don’t externalize your CSS and Javascript several lines will be added on making crawl time slower. It’s all about speed when it comes to being crawled, and every search engine wants to get to the information as fast as they possibly can.

Search Engines Can Read-Use The Proper Content
No matter how you slice the pie, posting new articles often can and will get you ranked. It is the blood of every single website. It is what Kelowna search engine optimization eats when they are hungry for new information. When you dig into the web design of your site, you want to always take into consideration the structure of your articles.

When you have a website that doesn’t have many articles, that particular website tends to struggle in search results. In most cases,if you plan your article marketing out correctly, negative ranking results can be avoided.

Pretty URLs Make it Easier
Ugly URLs are hard to read, and they are also hard to remember. Search engine friendly URLs are URLs that are easy to crawl and contain the keyword that your content is about. It ties your SEO and website together page by page. It also allows you to post professional looking links across the web without overwhelming the reader.

Always Block Non-Indexable Pages
Usually, there are pages on your website that you may not want to be indexed. These pages could be pages that came along with your template or theme. Or they could be pages that have absolutely no value.

You never want to expose unwanted web pages to web robots. Duplicate posts and pages could cause penalties to fall in your lap if you don’t hide them. Plus, you don’t want to water down the access to your other important pages.

You can use a robots.txt file to prevent certain web pages from being indexed. If you have an environment that is being tested, you should use Wampserver or XAMPP to protect that section of your website from being indexed.

Always Use Your Keywords in Your Image Alt Attributes
Search engines read images. Making sure that you put your keywords within your alt attributes can help rank your website. When it comes to images, every alt attribution that you use must be W3C-compliant.

It’s important that you leave no stone unturned because search engines take alt attributes into consideration when crawling your website.

Use Meta Data
Descriptions, page titles, key phrases should never be the same. Whenever you change out the theme or template of your site, you should always tackle the metadata. If you don’t, you will have several pages with the same placeholder information. All pages on your website should have its own unique metadata. It’s all about the structure of your website. The better the structure the better the rankings.

Bottom Line

The only way to grab organic traffic is by building a structurally sound website. Optimizing your site doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be taken seriously. Take your time or hire someone who specializes in website optimizing so your website gets the rankings it deserves.

Kelowna websites and Social Media Marketing

Best Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Effective Kelowna Website Marketing

While harnessing the power of social media to promote a brand online is a fairly common practice, not all marketers and business owners know how to go about this kind of online marketing task. As a matter of fact, there are some businesses that invest time and money into online Kelowna website marketing without getting the results that they need.

The secret is this: you should have a coherent and purposeful social marketing strategy. Without one, all of your efforts will go to waste. So in crafting your online marketing plan, make sure that you consider the right social media strategies into your marketing mix.

Content is King

When planning out your social media marketing plan, you have to make sure that you send a message that will appeal to your target market. Even more importantly, you have to see to it that you produce quality content that will engage your social media fans and followers. Great content generates organic shares and reposts. As long as you publish content that will capture your consumers’ interest, you will be successful in harnessing your followers’ social power to promote your products and services.

Offer a Carrot or an Incentive

Hosting online promos and contents is a surefire way to capture people’s attention online. When it comes to marketing, consumers always ask the same question: What is in it for me? Offering freebies, treats, and tokens in exchange for consumer engagement is a great way generate awareness for your brand.

You can also devise cunning mechanics that will get your followers’ help in amplifying your brand. For example, a promo that will entail sharing of your posts to five other people via tagging has the potential to exponentially grow your online following. As long as you offer an appealing prize, you should have no problem in getting people to join in and opt in.

Diversity is the Key

To enjoy the full effect of <a href=”http://www.lexabi.com”>social media marketing</a>, you have to ensure that you post consistent updates that will send out your brand message. However, simple text-heavy updates will not cut it anymore. As a matter of fact, the online audience tends to veer away from brands that post text-based marketing materials. To remedy this situation, make sure that you post different kinds of media using your social media accounts. Pair every marketing copy with a relevant image. Share videos that you think your target market would like. Doing this would show your online audience that you are a relatable brand that deserves their loyalty.

Reply to Comments and Messages

More often than not, social media channels work as two-way communication pathways between brands and consumers. For this reason, you have to make sure that you reply to whatever messages or comments you receive through your social media accounts. Think of it as a way to offer a great customer service. By replying to their concerns, you are able to build your overall brand image as a responsive business that takes good care of their clients.


5 Effective Branding Strategies To Implement

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Branding Your Company

Branding is the procedure of creating a positive perception of your company’s product or services to establish your credibility and trust. It aims at establishing a differentiated and significant presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. It includes everything about your business identity from the logo, consistent theme, mission statement, designs, and your entire promotional content.

It allows prospects and customers to recognize your business and get a feel of your worth. Most especially, it is the key that sustains your business by growing a strong and loyal customer base. To crown it all, it separates you from your competitors.

Let’s take a look at the five most effective ways you can brand your business.

1. Discover Your Stand In The Market

Before you begin the process of business recognition, it’s essential you have a knowledge of what’s going on in the market that you are. This means you must understand your target audience, competitors’ strength, and the demographics that have an interest in what you’re marketing. The content of your brand should focus mainly on the motives and purchase behaviors of your target audience. While trying to unlock all the costly information of the customers, you can also discover the competitive advantage over your competitors. Try to build an identity that your prospects can understand and relate with, this is called “brand persona”.

2. Develop Your Unique Voice & Identity

Once brand persona has been figured out, next is to develop an identity and voice that is unique to you. You should be able to define what you stand for, and what you want people to say about you. You can begin the process by developing your brand positioning, and unique selling points. You can also come up with a descriptive adjective, list of words that you can associate with your brand, and it will resonate with your target audience.

You should reflect your voice and personality in your taglines, campaigns, logo, communications, and mascots. Imagine your brand as a metaphor, personalize it so that you can identify the qualities you want it to be synonymous with. For example, “Nike” has an iconic swoosh and “Just Do It” tagline.

3. Have A Consistent Online Presence

It doesn’t stop at knowing your personas and what to tell your audience, it goes on to how and where to communicate with them. The best way to frequently interact with people is through their social media platforms. Let your presence be established on the different social media where your target audience is constantly active. Get the right content across to your audience and make sure to portray a brand image across through social media accounts, website, blog posts, trade shows, marketing materials, etc. Consistency matters a lot because it leads to familiarity, and familiarity breeds trust – a ground on which brand loyalties are built.

4. Improve Brand Awareness & Visibility

You should consider improving your visibility if you want to see the result of the efforts you have put into building your brand. Influencer marketing campaign is the most effective way of improving visibility. You need to collaborate with the right influencer who is in the same niche as your brand. Influencers provide credible and unique voices to the message of the brand you’re trying to get across. They easily gain the attention of their audience, while convincing them to engage with your brand.

5. Integrate Your Brand

Building your brand is a continuous process and the act of portraying a consistent image online should translate to the physical world – the pro tip! Your store should reflect your logo, tagline, product, as well as your packaging. It should be a reflection of what your brand represents.


When you use a proper brand building strategy, it can skyrocket your business. Your lead generation, conversion rates, and sales will increase rapidly. Your trust equity will grow alongside your recognition. Hopefully, these methods will help you in branding your company.

Finding the perfect website theme for your business

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Choosing the Best Website Theme

If you have an online business and if you are looking for an appropriate theme that will suit your site and area of business, then you can consider the business theme to be elegant themes. This is one of the best themes that can be found on the internet for online marketing. Here are things to consider when finding the perfect theme for your business
The business theme by elegant themes is specially designed for business purpose. This theme will suit businesses such as trade business such as plumbers and electricians, professional service firms such as lawyers and accountants and for home renovation business.
Here is specific information that will give you information on the methods to why the business theme is most appropriate for business.

Easy to customize cPanel:

The cpanel is similar to the control panel of the blog. However, all the themes created by the elegant themes are called cpanel. The main advantage of the eBusiness theme is that it has three themes in one. Each of the themes can be designed with separate colors. You can customize the navigation menu. You can even create a blog for your business to support your website. You can customize and alter the home page and inner layout depending on your taste. The main advantage of business is that you do not have to know anything about coding to customize the site.

Many premium theme features:

It has the widget animated feature that can help you to place contents in multiple locations without the codes. The theme also has a drop-down menu that is very effective in the site.

Best price for premium themes:

You cannot buy a single theme from the elegant themes. A one-year premium fee needs to be paid initially to get access to its premium themes. You can download the available themes at the same time and get access to the new themes, which will be added for the next year.

Of course, every webmaster may create various websites with different purposes. To achieve this, it would be prudent to use a Multi-Purpose Theme, so that as a webmaster you can adapt it to different websites easily. Naturally, there may be all kinds of themes out there, so you should review them carefully so that you get the best possible and the Best Rated Theme that fits your needs.

Many different criteria need to be fulfilled before you can choose the best possible Premium Theme. First of all, as per Google guidelines, it is imperative that your website is both desktops as well as mobile device friendly including cell phones, smartphones, and tablets of various sizes.

Thus, when you are in the process of creating your website, you should do your due diligence well and get a Best Rated Theme that is both responsive and premium. Of course, you should take a look at the reviews, as well as the support that they provide before deciding in your Premium Theme. This way, you can have a great site with a constant SEO theme which will allow it to be successful in the search engines.